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What about méthodology ?

Getting started
  • A meeting with both the coached person and his/her manager or HR permits to set objectives of the coaching program. More specific measurement elements can subsequently be defined be defined with the coachee.

Coaching phase
  • The coaching starts with a realistic observation of the starting situation, potentially enriched by a 360° analysis. The coach will guide the person through a good understanding of his/her values, experience, preferences, vision. Personality tests like Hogan© or Talent© will allow the person to sharpen his or her self-awareness of the way others perceive him/her.

  • Then and for most of the sessions the coach will help the client to walk through a deep and fine discovery path, always keeping in sight operational reality and ways of interacting with the social and work environment. In line with coaching objectives the client will build and implement action plans that will ensure long-term impact of his/her transformation.

  • Duration: 6 to 10 sessions of 1 hour 30 to 2 hours. Those sessions take place every two to four weeks based on needs an availability.

Conclusion of the coaching program
  • After an evaluation by the coached person of his/her main learnings and changes, a debrief will be done to the management and/or Human Resources. Outcomes to be shared will be selected by the coached person.

Phase de coaching
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