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Deeply familiar with the global realities of the business world, I have nurtured a career-long understanding of intercultural aspects. I have been involved in integration projects for an extensive number of acquired companies and built a solid background in the field of change management.

I started my career at Atos, then worked in several key sales and marketing positions for Schlumberger. Between 2002 and 2019 I held various human resources positions at Gemalto, including a ten-year stint as a business unit vice president.  I have been based in France, the Czech Republic, and Finland.

“I was lucky enough to be supported by Olivier during a key transition in my career. His ability to guide me through the twists and turns of my thoughts not only helped me to be more serene in my decisions, but also to understand my fears which were rooted in my private life. »

“  I very quickly appreciated the methodical and rigorous aspect, as well as the great knowledge of the being, I then felt confident. During this coaching program I was able to work on the subjects of my self-confidence, stress management, as well as conflict management. It was an enriching experience, which allowed me to obtain fundamental keys to my restoration. Olivier is an altruistic person, who puts his intelligence at the service of others. I thank him deeply.”

« J'ai beaucoup apprécié cet accompagnement qui, par des retours sobres et pertinents, m'a permis de prendre conscience d'aspects et d'atouts de ma personnalité que je ne percevais pas, et aussi de comportements qui en découlaient et amenaient à des situations bloquées. Cette expérience a déjà produit en moi beaucoup de détente et a dégagé plus de joie et d'humour dans ma façon de voir les relations et de les vivre, avec leurs inévitables limites certes, mais n'étant plus vues uniquement comme des impasses. De l'énergie est libérée pour valoriser d'autres aspects. »

“First of all, I very quickly had the feeling of being received as I am, with my questions. Then I perceived the objectivity of the interview, the security of seeing me reached, understood, with the right distance from my problem. I was able to evolve freely, moving from one problem to another as I better understood what was important... I experimented with tools that I could use and kept the flavor of the progress made throughout the years. our sessions. I am very grateful for that.”

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